Living Healthy

Avery Goforth

6 Classes of Nutrients

Carbohydrates- 4 calories/gram

Carbs are the nutrients that give you energy. If you do not burn off the calories that carbs give, then they are stored as fats. They give you long lasting energy. Foods that are carbohydrates are potatos, pasta, and usually anything that is off white.

Proteins- 4 calories/gram

Proteins are the nutrients that make it easier to build muscle and in a way make you stronger. Foods that contain protein are

Fats- 9 calories/gram

Fats are needed in your diet, but too much is not good for you. Fats are a lot of calories, so it takes a lot of working out to get rid of them. Fats are foods like butter, shakes, cheese, greasy foods, etc.


Vitamins and Minerals- Stuff you need to get allt he nutrients in your body and to continue living a healthy life style.

Water- A great hydrating liquid that you need to live. Drink a lot and it helps you lose weight and clears up your skin.

Nutrition tips

-Drink more water to feel better about yourself and it provides you with nutrients

-Living healthy is not all about the physical part. It also is important you are happy and have a good mental health

- Limit the fats and carbs you take in otherwise you will gain weight

- Eat protein and carbs before you work out to give you energy and allow you to gain muscle

-Eat more fruits and veggies

-Try juicing, it provides you with many servings of fruits and vegetables and it doesn't even taste bad

-Eating healthy leads to a healthy lifestyle and better habits in the future

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