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all about being safe online!

WELCOME! to my presentation. if you were trying to know more about internet safety this is the perfect place for you. you will learn a lot of fun stuff about the internet safety in this world!

Are you about to post that?

the internet is kind of like a Sharpie its permanent but forever. Anything you post online is shared to the internet pictures, blogs, videos... So make sure to be private or if your not just post something thats appropriate or not too personal unless your a celebrity (like me...) which Im pretty sure your not. But you still need to be sure of what your about to post, think before you click post.
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wait whaaaaat...

if someone sends you anything that you dont know or you didnt want to see, just report or ignore especially if its someone you dont know ask a parent or adult like a supervisor if you should reply. but seriously if its something inappropriate or you didnt want to see (like nudes) just report.

dont do that gurl!

stop the cyber bullying i mean seriously do you have your own life, NO DUHHH... so get over it just stop and if your a victim just report or tell a parent or you can just block them or even a smarter and easier way is to just stop posting stupid stuff online. DO NOT post gossip or anything about a friend or person that they dont want. treat people how you want to be treated.

i mean totally shes ugly GOSSIP, GOSSIP, GOSSIP...

DO NOT share anything about other people, especially if you dont want you to. dont post anything personal and dont write or post anything bad about someone behind their back they might be hurt and sometimes it can lead to other bigger problems on the internet which isnt safe AT ALL!!! and if your hurt or sad check childline.com
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be careful with that webcam...

always becareful whos watching you, it might be someone you dont know, or even someone really dangerous... it can even be the worlds biggest murderer. who ever it is becareful they might hack into your cam and see you if some one asks you to send pictures of yourself DO NOT. or even skype and you trust them so much, you still need too be careful you dont know whos on the other side of your camera.


i hope you learned most of your lessons and to always stay safe online.

by wafa aka waffles

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