Girls, Boys, And Sports

By Sam Burch

In the 2011-12 season, approximately 50,000 girls between the ages of 8 and 18 registered with USA Hockey. (American Development Model). In all areas of the country there are enough girls to create an all female team rather than girls and boys teams. Girls shouldn't be able to play on boys teams because boys have an advantage, girls risk getting hurt, and girls like to fit in.
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On August 30, 2003, Taylor Davison, a 10 year old, the only girl on her football team, left practice complaining of a headache. She collapsed as she walked of the field with her coach. Three days later she died. (Women's Sports Foundation). Taylor's death has caused people to question whether tackle football is appropriate for children against boys sports like football, or in contact sports at all. (Women's Sports Foundation) Girls shouldn't be allowed to play on boys teams because they have a higher risk of injury than if they play on an all girls team. Also if girls were playing with boys, and a girl got injured, think about how the boy who hurt the girl would feel.
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Many girls who play sports like to be with female peers because they want to fit in. Girls who play with female peers have fewer self-esteem issues, than if they play with boys who might tease them. (American Development Model). "Also girls may want to play on a girls team because they want to play with friends or sisters. If girls were to compete against boys they might be more intimidated." (American Development Model). Some girls may feel more comfortable with a female coach. Many boys teams do not have women as coaches. (American Development Model). In my personal experience girls who are on boys teams do not usually interact with the boys on the team but, with the girls if there are any. Also during a gym class many girls interact with other girls more than boys.
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Girls are not strong nor big enough to compete against boys.From experience when boys compete against girls, the boys usually have the advantage because they are bigger and stronger. "This is due to the male hormone androgen, which causes boys to develop more fat free mass." (Women's Sports Foundation). "Fat free mass means that instead of having a lot of mass being fat, it would be muscle. Therefore, if you have a boy and a girl the same height and weight, the boy will have more muscle. Thus he will be able to run faster and throw farther." (Women's Sports Foundation) This is why after age 11 and 12 boys and girls compete on different gender teams. For example if you had a girl and a boy the same size race around a track, the boy would most likely win. In my personal experiences I have had in gym classes, boys are able to run for longer also.

Others argue that post-puberty, girls grow faster than boys and have more coordination than boys. (Women's Sports Foundation) Also many say that girls teams do not get as many resources. (About girls participation on boys teams). Often girls get the same amount of resources and if they don't they still have enough to play. Also many sports teams that are competitive are over the age of 11 and 12, where some boys start puberty.

If girls play on boys teams they will be at a disadvantage and have a higher risk of getting hurt. If girls continue playing on boys teams more problems will keep occurring such as arguments, injures, etc... Don't let girls and boys play together! If you are a girl and see a girl playing with boys, try to create a girls game and it will be safer.