Should abortion be legal?

Mothers should have the right to have a abortion weather other people agree or not!

I feel abortion should be legal for many reason's other people might think differently but if the mother wants to have an abortion it is completely up to them.

Does it even hurt?

The baby can not even feel pain in most cases when having an abortion.“Fetuses are incapable of feeling pain when most abortions are performed.” But even if they were to feel it, its completely the mothers choice.

Abortion is safe!

Yes is is safe It is just as safe when giving birth many things can go wrong when having a abortion not many thing can go wrong. Also abortion-rights advocates this summer and blocked or struck down laws that would have forced most or all of the clinics in those states to shut down. And Numerous medical studies have found that abortion is an extremely safe procedure --significantly safer than childbirth

They have the right!

Women have the right to have an abortion no matter what people say because it is legal.

Also “Women's freedom to choose is at risk of being restricted by state legislatures and governors all over the country.”bgf The law has been passed already that abortion is legal so all mothers have the complete right.