Top ten things to do in life!

A documentary by Gunnar.

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Number 1!

Buy a jar of mayo. Empty it and make vanilla pudding. Put it in the mayo jar and eat in public.

Number 2!

Become a teacher and make all answers on a multi-choice test "c". Then mark each answer on "c" incorrect.

Number 3!

Go to a shop that you hate, and then ask for directions to the shop that sells exactly the same thing as the shop you hate does. Eg. Drive to McDonalds and ask for directions to Burger King

Number 4!

Become the owner of a shop and put a sign that reads "NO POOPING OR PEEING. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED" on the bathroom.

Number 5!

Call your friend and say that you cannot talk right now.

Number 6!

Go to your friends house and if they have facebook on, throw a book at their face and say "YOU HAVE BEEN FACEBOOKED!"

Number 7!

Look through see through glass and when someone is on the other side, say "OMG IM HIDEOUS!"

Number 8!

Go to McDonalds and buy a happy meal with extra happiness.

Number 9!

Put a walkie-talkie in a gnome and shout at people when they walk by.

Number 10! (This one is awesome)

Superglue 100 RM on the ground and watch and laugh as people try to pick it up.