Justin's Amazing Life Story

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Dreams can come true

The present

I graduated from UT with a degree in engineering, and I did make an astounding salary as a professional baseball player, and retired at the age of 40. I currently have a job as an engineer at NASA!

As a boy

At the age of 10, I had many awards and honors, such as getting the bronco award every year in elementary school, and I also had the honor of getting to meet and have lunch with the superintendent of the district. Not only with academics, but also in athletics, I succeeded in playing baseball. When I was only 4 years old, I started playing baseball, and I quickly recognized that I could throw easily and in the process strengthened my arm.

My dream team

My values top 5 as an 11 year old were courage, freedom, wisdom, creativity, and faith. As a result of those values I have chosen the following for my dream team.
This is my dream team in a more of a creative way instead of just reading it.
And this is a fun way of showing my mandala.
Justin's Mandala