Natural Water Association

by: Treyvon, Kenneth, Liam, Evan

Our Objective

We are trying to convince City council and the community about the value of your environmental and historic value.

Plant life lost within the past 100 years

Since the early 1900's, a steady decline of salt marshes can be observed in the inlet. along with this decline, a decline of sea grass beds can be seen as well. this is mostly due to the human impacts the inlet has taken.

How is the railroad effecting our environment?

With the railroad put in in 1883 it has cut the flow by damming it and it destroyed the natural balance of nature over time. The water quality, plant and animal life are all being altered. So by having this railroad it does nothing but pollute and damage our environment. We need to get rid of the railroad in order to help our environment.

The effects of the dam

The dam altered the pattern of disturbances on which the plants and animals of a river depend. Many aquatic animals coordinate their reproductive cycles with annual flood seasons. Every flood is valuable in that it takes nutrients from the land and deposits them in the river, providing food for the stream's residents(animal life).

Animal Life

With the railroad damming the flow from Rudee Inlet through to Linkhorn Bay it has caused the wildlife to decline and destroyed the natural balance of nature over time.
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1. Daily concerts of a music genre that is chosen by popular demand by locals.

2. Art displays and face painting for kids.

3. Installed basketball courts, playgrounds and social areas.

4.Free food and drinks will be provided

5. An array of games and raffles

6) Guest speakers chosen by popular demand by locals

7) giveaways of any kind.