Pep and Energy - Meir Ezra

Pep and Energy

The US Department of Agriculture estimates the average Citizen consumes 152 pounds of sugar per year. Sugar comes in many forms: soft drinks, candy, desserts, manufactured food and so on. Because sugar is inexpensive, tastes good and is habit forming, food companies and fast-food restaurants add sugar without restraint.

Sugar, like any addictive substance, makes you crave more sugar. For example, a piece of chocolate gives you a little extra energy which makes you slightly happier for an hour or so. As soon as the effect wears off, you feel tired and maybe a little depressed. So to feel perky again, you want another piece of chocolate. Like cigarettes, alcohol or heroin, the substance is the problem AND the solution.

Every diet that lowers your weight or improves your health has one thing in common: YOU MUST STOP EATING SUGAR. Hundreds of scientific studies prove that sugar makes your body store fat. Excessive fat increases your chance of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and death.In 1972, L. Ron Hubbard wrote the following:

"Sugar is a deceptive thing."

"Sugar, that is supposed 'to produce energy' does so only at the expense of physical health for sugar does not build up a body, it only burns it up."

"The result of a heavy intake of sugar and carbohydrates* is to feel tired all the time-no pep."

"If one is going to run a car, he has to feed it the right fuel and oil. If one is going to run a body it has to be fed the right food and that has to include protein."

"By eating your hamburger and vegetables and leaving alone the candy bars and cokes, you will begin to build up a head of steam."

-- L. Ron Hubbard (*carbohydrates: a type of food that includes potatoes, rice, bread and sugar)

When you stop eating sugar, you lose weight. Other foods smell and taste better. You feel more alive.

Kicking the sugar habit helps you sleep better. The energy boost you get from sugar OR the depression that follows can keep you awake.

Sugar mixes up your digestion system so your good food does not digest properly. You can get heartburn, gas or stomach pain. Without sugar, you need less food as your stomach works better.

You also have more long-lasting energy. You no longer have brief peaks of energy that require a constant flow of sugar to maintain.

Hyperactive children, who are candidates for Ritalin or Prozac, are calmer and saner when they no longer eat sugar. After you cut off their sugar supply, they will demand sweet snack for a few days, but they eventually relax. They lose the mood swings, tantrums and craziness.