save the green

Protect our waterways and it will protect you!

What save the green does

Save the green is about preserving and protecting our waterways and keeping the Patawlonga lake clean and safe for recreational use.

Patawalonga Lake

Causes of pollution to the Patawalonga

stormwater plays a major part in the pollution of the Patawalonga.

Pollutants such as:

  • Petrol
  • Faecal matter from humans and animals
  • brake and tyre dust
  • rubbish
  • waste from construction sites {such as paint, and building materials
  • fertilizer

Patawalonga lake : pollution at Barcoo outlet

What can you do to help reduce pollution in the Patawalonga lake and nearby beaches?

Everybody can help to improve quality of the state's waters and keep the Patawalonga lake clean and safe for recreational use.


  • Sweeping instead of using the garden to clean driveways
  • Don't clean cars on driveway, but on a lawned area
  • reducing the paved areas in your garden to allow water to soak into the soil, decreasing the amount of runoff
  • Cleaning up after your pets and ensuring that faeces do not enter the storm water system

Contact infomation

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