Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo


It's the time of the year that the flu starts affecting school attendance. We're doing our best to stay hydrated and keep clean hands here.

If your child is ill, you may request make up work from day 1. I can send it to the office for you to pick up or send it home with a neighbor child. Just send me an email by noon.

Friday Field Trip

This Friday all of 2nd grade will be going to Clowes Hall on Butler campus to see the Nutcracker. Each child needs to bring a sack lunch and drink. We will eat lunch in our classrooms when we return to school. We will NOT get back in time to get a lunch prepared by the cafeteria.

Since it will be a long morning, I suggest a protein-filled breakfast !

We'd like for our students to dress in nice school clothes for the special event. I recommend light weight clothing with an easily removable sweater or jacket. We want to children to be comfortable, and not overheated.

Rocket Math

We'll be having addition and subtraction facts tests weekly now. Keep working on memorizing those facts.

In the lead at level S is Riley; level R- Kenzee, Level P- Madison, Sydney, level O -Samantha, Skylar, level N- Linus; level M -Eli, Landon.

Keep up the good work !

AR points

Taking AR quizzes is good for helping these young readers recall and comprehend what they read.

In the lead with over 40 points is Kenzee. Madison and Landon have over 30. Eli, Maddox, and Sydney have over 20 points each ! Great job!

The public library has many books that are linked to our AR quizzes, and probably most of the books you have at home are, too! Students may write down the titles or bring in the books to take those quizzes!


We have Gym Tues, Art on Wed., Library on Thursday, Music on Friday.