Weekly Launch

April 30-May 4


Wow! It is scary to think that Tuesday will be May 1st! Only 22 1/2 days left! It is unreal how fast it is flying by! We are enjoying visiting with everyone for their summatives. If you have not signed up yet, please make sure to do it as soon as you can. We have a busy month ahead of us. Summatives, ARD's, STAAR,BAS, Progression assesments, Pink and Blue cards, Grade Placement meetings and end of the year parties! I am sure there are plenty more that belong on the list!

Please take some time for yourself during May! It will be busy but we will make it!!!

Important Dates

April 30-Reading Tracking Sheet due to Sandy

Suzi and Jen off campus p.m.

May 1-Huddle

Turn in Jumpstart names to Buckels

May 2-Jen B. out in a.m.


May 3-Wear character shirt

Turn in Dreambox data

CIIC meeting

May 4-Character Connection

Volunteer Breakfast

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Trustworthiness

Word of the Month-TRRFCC

Morning Announcements-Rathburn

Big picture

Word of the Week-outcome

Compliment Corner

Compliment for Helen Crump-She needs a compliment because she came in and solved all my computer problems in one swoop! She's amazing!-Nicole Janese

Compliment for Charidy Chancey-She needs a compliment because she stayed with her classes during Maker Space activities in the library and helped me help her students with the more challenging activities. All of her students experienced success becasue of her! Thank you Charidy!-Terri May

Compliment for Shannon-our Astro loving custodian-She needs a compliment because of her loving, fun spirit and energy!