Hidden Blessings

May 2015

Hostess Special

Hello amazing cork bag. Who does not want to get their hands on this beauty. This bag is such an amazing conversation starter and is right on target with the fashion world. Also the amazing car kit for customers is a great way to get a mom's car organized for cheap. Know a mom that needs help in that area? I think we all do.

Customer Special

How many of your customers already have a large utility tote? Changes are most of them already do. Now is a great time to get in touch with those customers and offer them the insert to go with it. It is an amazing product that I absolutely love. I personally have 4 of them and will not part with them. Make sure you are always carrying it around with you so you are open for business.
May 2015 Customer Special: Thirty-One Gifts


Your 31-Second Commercial

Sharing your WHY and what your Thirty-One Gifts journey has meant to you is an important part of sharing the opportunity with others. Your enthusiasm and honesty about your experience and your dreams inspires others to see their own possibilities. Keep it short. Keep it real. And let her know that no two journeys are alike but we all share a hope for a better future, and with Thirty-One Gifts you’re able to take actions to achieve them.

TIP: Try recording yourself as you explain your why, and play it. Was it inspiring? Authentic? Did it tell your story?


Start Swell

  • Jessica Flores Level 2

Party Stats


  • Jennifer Locksmith- $1042


  • Janette Gaunt- $604
  • Jessica Flores- $530


  • Shannon Meyer- $240


  • Jessica Flores- 1

"Welcome to the team Felicia Ronquille"

Your Directors Stats

Sales- $1157


Birthday and Anniversaries


  • Jennifer Leach 5/21


  • Mindy Laing 5/18/12 3 years
  • Jennifer Leach 4/24/13 2 years
  • April Soldano 4/21/14 1 year
  • Jennifer Locksmith 4/26/14 1 year

TOT Training

Did you ladies know that you can take test on TOT to improve on your skills? I am going to challenge you to do as much training as you can. For each training you complete and email me or text me 1 thing you learned from the training I am going to enter you into a monthly drawing for a business supply prize.