Industrial North

Work in the 1800

In the 19th century, the northern region of the U.S went through an indusrtial revolution. Iprovments in transportation , factories and women freedom. These devolpment helped America flourish.

Transportation improvments

In 1800, the two most used transportation systems used were rail road and steamboat system the method of steamboat helped the US do international trading. While the rail road system helped the US trade in between the major cities.

Manufactures and factories

In the 19th century, a new way to produce textiles unraveled and involved the use of machinery. Therefore textiles miles were constructed and water wheels helped create power for the machinery. To use water wheels capatalists located the factories near water. These factories hired young and unmarried women to factory labor force with a wage as well. The lowell system because a famous factory system with the workers being known as the lowell girls. The lowell system was in lowell, Massachusetts and a major textiles factory

Factories Condition

In these factories, women did suffer hardships and availed themselves to benefits. A condition that the women could not attend school/receive and education. Another hardship was that the worker often met death while working, such as slipping or getting hit on the head by bales of cotton. Also , some workers were children who were not even at the age of ten yet. However, some bifocal condition included a wage of two dollars a week, which helped women independence. Also , women were provided a room and meals. However , these women sometimes worked over 10 hours and only two breaks for meals.