Wanted Alive

Eastern Indigo Snake ---REWARD---1,000,00,000$

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The Eastern Indigo Snake is bound to be one of the most living snakes on earth.The snake lives in sand hills,mangrove swamps,wet prairies.Their diet contains of eating frogs,toads,and also small birds.The snake is also harmless.They can get as long as 6.5ft long and they can weigh up 11 pounds.It is also one of the longest snakes in north america.

What is the Eastern Indigo Snake Marked As......

The Snake is a threatened species.Eastern indigo snakes were listed as threatened because of dramatic population declines caused by over-collecting for the domestic and international pet trade as well as mortalities caused by rattlesnake collectors who gassed gopher tortoise burrows to collect snakes.

What can you do to increase the population of the Eastern Indigo Snake.

We could stop collecting them for the domestic and international pet trade.