Find a Cure for Leukemia

By: Adam Marez

About the Disease

Leukemia is a popular type of cancer. Thousands of people die from leukiama each year because there is no cure. We need to find a cure very fast, and researchers need as much help as possible to raise money for their reasearch.


It is important that we stop this disease because of how many lives it takes very year. And who knows? The next victim could be a family member or a close friend of yours.

The Pros of Supporting Leukemia

~ To find a cure for this disease would be such an accomplishment for science and medical research.

~ You can help save so many lives by contributing to this cause

Support the Cause

Please help support this cause by donating to raise money for medical research. Your donations will bring us closer to the main goal we have in mind.

Please Donate

To learn more about leukemia and also to give donations go to the website below.