Learn about Greece and it's exciting treasures

The Golden Age of Greece History

The city states of ancient Greece

Greece's geography was very influential on its communities of people. instead of one big empire Greece was divided up into various city states due to all of its islands, isolating people from each other restricting them to come together and unify. Athens and Sparta are a couple of the many city states Greece had.


Athens' government

Athens' government was the first of its kind to have a democratic structure. Athenians invented democracy. They came up with the idea that all people men and women should have the right to participate in there own government and have a say in it.


The U.S. And Greece

How Ancient Greece Impacts Us Today

The U.S. took alot from the culture of Ancient Greece. The architecture government and all sorts of reminders of Greece are in our society. Even how we run our governyment as a democracy came from Greece in Athens from there government of democracy. Our building today have an echoe of greece culture all around them. We learned much from Ancient Greece.