3rd grade Newsletter

Mrs. Whitaker's Class

Week of October 17-21

Hello Families!! Check out what is coming in the next week here in 3rd grade!

Reading- Our focus this week will be continuing Unit 2 in our reading workshop! We are working on finding the main idea in our non fiction books. We are also focusing on the exact details from the text that support that idea. Sometimes non-fiction books are hard to put a "level" on so we are using what we know about how to pick just right books even without a level on them.

Math- Our focus this week will be wrapping up our unit on measurement. We will discuss the metric systems and how to convert units into standard measurement. We will also take our end of unit test this week.

Writing- Our focus this week will be continuing to teach through our writing. We have found 1 thing we are an expert on and have begun teaching our audience about it too. Ask your child what they are writing about!

Science/Social Studies- Our focus this week will be food chains and ecosystems. We are also starting Missouri history this week in social studies.

Leadership Role Applications for our classroom have gone out as of Thursday 10-13. Please look over this as a family and really ask your child why they think they should apply for the position in our room. I will be looking them over and "interviewing" the children next week.

Important Dates Coming up:

Monday, October 17 @2 pm- PTO Meeting at Null

Friday, October 21- Early Release Day @ 12:05 pm.

-Mrs. Whitaker