Why Learn To Keyboard?

Allison Binkley

Body Posture

These are some tips on how your body posture should be and why its so important to put it to use.
  • Your back should be mostly straight, leaning slightly forward
  • Center yourself in front of the keyboard
  • Make sure you don't sit to close or far away from the keyboard
  • Feet are on the floor and they are slightly apart
  • Your arms are relaxed
  • Finger are curved, resting slightly on the keys
  • Hand and wrists should stay still, almost motionless
  • Your wrists are low to the keyboard but not resting on it

How Body Posture Affects Your Health

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

What is carpel tunnel syndrome? It is when the median nerve becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. This nerve controls sensations in the palm, thumb, and fingers. The carpel tunnel is also a narrow rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand, it houses the median nerve and other tendons. If you work in a office or another occupation that involves a lot of typing your body posture when keyboarding comes into play because if you never follow any of those rules it could have a bad outcome.
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Other Reasons You Should Practice Good Posture

It Increases Your Productivity

  • If your WPM is higher you have more free time
  • You can get more tasks done over a certain period of time
  • You can try different or new alternatives
  • complete tasks more quickly

In The Workplace

We all know that the world is always growing in our technology. Also there are more jobs that need to be filled that involve typing or keyboarding. Even if you don't think that you want to work a job where you have to type you might have to. A lot of businesses have offices or records that need to be kept so keyboarding could actually come in handy. Also if you want a career that involves keyboarding the employer will look for someone that can properly and efficiently work.
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At School

Students need to learn to type in order to get assignments turned in on time. It requires the right training, technique, and practice. If you don't learn how to type faster your basically wasting your time and effort in trying to complete those tasks. In conclusion it comes a necessity that you learn how to properly keyboard.


Today your social life is becoming a big factor. Almost all teens and adults use social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or use an email. In order to communicate with other you have to respond quickly and be able to be understood. If a person is slow to adapt to typing they might miss out on opportunities to make friends with others. This in on of the biggest keys of social development for younger adults today.
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