Second Grade Rock Stars

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My job rocks!

Although, to be quite honest, report cards are not my favorite part of my job, I find myself thoroughly elated (still unbelievably exhausted, but elated as well.) I can truly say that it is only one third through the year and I already feel so lucky to have one of the greatest jobs out there. Looking back at where most of these students were at the beginning of first grade and seeing where they are now is utterly and incredibly rewarding. Now, don’t get me wrong, we still have a ways to go and I will undoubtedly work tirelessly to continue to help them blossom into their full potential for the rest of the year. However, it is nice to stop and take a look at how far we have traveled and enjoy the view as we continue our climb up the mountain.

I can truly say that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far in my teaching experience (and I have been lucky to have had lots of truly wonderful experiences, so I don’t say that lightly, and I mean it to my core.)

I will continue to challenge them everyday and help them achieve their best. I thank you for your continued effort “on the home-front” for helping them to strive for their best at home. Your tremendous perseverance and effort through enduring the homework, nightly reading, and weekly journaling with them is noticed and extraordinarily appreciated. I look forward to the continued partnership and to helping them grow to their best.

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

This was a quick week with a field trip and finishing up assessments. Check out the pictures from our trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California, Berkeley!

Reminders to tune in to!

Don't forget to attend our conference are this week! I look forward to seeing you there!

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Reading: Fairytales, Folktales, and Myths

Writing: Editing and Revising

Grammar: proper tense: ed and ing

Conventions: Colons and apostrophes for ownership

Social Studies: Events That Make a Difference

Life Trait: 7 Habits to a Happy Kid:#2 Begin With the End in Mind

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 11/19- Mrs. Martin is at the Last Smarter Balanced and Common Core Training (this is Session 4 of 4 total) Don't worry...I'll be back in time for our conference!
  • 11/19-11/21 Conferences
  • 11/22-11/23 Early Out Days
  • 11/25-12/2- No School!
  • 12/12- WCS Board Meeting 6:30pm (DP Campus)
  • 12/13- Barnes and Noble Family Night

The Rock Stars helping geese to migrate!

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