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DRA levels

I want to make sure we are prepared and ready to give our MOY assessments in January when we get back. Each team needs to have a plan of when/how these administrations are going to happen. K-1, if you need a sub, then you need to let Patty know, and get it booked! Other grade levels may also utilize parent volunteers, or if you need it in a more segmented fashion. I do not want anyone from our school missing the window this time around.

Aimsweb tests should be given to students to students who scored below the 50% mark for BOY. If you need help identifying those students, Mrs. Roberts or I have a master list. (Kinder, remember that we have to give the ones that we didn't do at BOY, unless you did do them, :))

If you DRA'd students at BOY and they were above or on grade level, there is still an expectation that they show growth. ALL students should be assessed MOY and the data entered into Aware, including 4th grade.

Only once a student reaches the following cap should we hear of them not being given a DRA. Research has found that advanced students can often word call or decode at a higher level, they are not usually comprehending at deep levels. If a student tests at an independent level on both fluency and comprehension at the cap, keep the student at this level and work on deep comprehension of text. The student may also be appropriately challenged by reading nonfiction text at their cap.

K- 24

1- 34

2- 40

3- 60

4- 80

Guided Reading groups

I know it goes without saying...but I'm saying it JUST IN CASE! Guided reading groups should be happening every day. Guided reading is not small group work (ex. going over a packet, correcting mistakes, small group reteaches).

If guided reading is done with fidelity, on average, our kinder and first graders should grow a level every 4-6 weeks, our second graders should grow a level every 6-9 weeks, and our third graders a level every 9-12 weeks.

Guided reading isn't an option folks, we want to see these kinds of results! From our walk throughs we know you're doing it. I can't wait to see the data that reflects it.

Teacher of the month...December!

She is a great teacher and goes out of her way to be helpful to others.

She works so hard and has to deal with ALL the parents.

She is super enthusiastic and the kids absolutely love her! THAT speaks volumes!

I've never seen a teacher who gives more of her personal energy than Mrs.Soundress does.

Congratulations Mrs. Soudress!!! You will be recognized at the Sachse Chamber Luncheon next Tuesday,

Techno Tip- Next week is HOUR OF CODE!

Chances are high that computer-science literacy will be increasingly relevant for jobs of the future. Some theorists even suggest that the ability to read and write code is a fundamental 21st-century competency. Yet, according to an August 2015 Gallup survey, many students get little exposure to these concepts at school; opportunities are even more limited for low-income students. To address these realities, there are a variety of free resources that can help teachers of all grades and subjects give students exposure to computer science, as well as access to opportunities that develop the skills required to approach coding problems.

This December 7-13, 2015, the Hour of Code campaign during Computer Science Education Week is one such opportunity. is hosting this event for a third year to engage students, teachers, parents, and others (ages five and up, and of any experience level) in fun ways to experiment with programming and game creation. From structured lessons to more creative, exploratory activities, a variety of experiences make coding accessible to all kinds of learners. Activities can be done on computers, phones, and tablets, in pairs or together as a whole group. If access to devices is an issue, various unplugged activities such as "My Robotic Friends" don’t require them.

Also: Scratch is offering three new free tutorials and sample projects for HoC and they’re pretty straightforward even for teachers with little or no coding experience: and we’d love to get out the word. Scratch is awesome, and Cartoon Network is collaborating with them to make some of the characters, scenes and sounds from their show We Bare Bears available in order to engage more kids in coding.

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Resources from Nepris:

Let us help you plan for #HourofCode week!

Careers in Coding at AT&T

Darla is an Applications Developer with AT&T's Technology Development Program. She is a huge advocate for challenging students to pursue a career in the STEM fields. Join her "A Day in the Life" session where she'll excite and explain to students what she does at AT&T!

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Life's Better with Computer Science

Francis is ready to kick off Hour of Code week sharing with your class the type of work they do at Audible/Amazon and where he sees things going in the IT industry! Hurry before it fills up!

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Learn about Information Technology Careers

Kara Mancinelli, Recruiting Director for Randstad Technologies in Philadelphia is going to share with your class about all the career opportunities around IT and coding. There is still a STEM skills shortage and they want to work to motivate and expose more kids to the career possibilities within Information Technology for this session.

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Chat with the JoyLabz Team about the MakeyMakey!

Have you ever wondered where good ideas come from? The MakeyMakey team gets inspiration from the world around them and builds that into their work everyday! In fact, that was at the root of the MakeyMakey! This is a can't miss session and sure to be a BLAST!

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Join Max Gaudin on Why Your Students Should Consider a Career in Software Development

Operation Spark is on a mission to get computer science curriculum into every school in Louisiana. With average salaries starting out at $60,000 in Louisiana software is a great job to get into and there are plenty of industries hiring for software developers. Join Max to learn more before this session fills up!

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Virtual Field Trip of Tech Start Up

Who says work can't be fun? The team at YourCause, a Dallas based start up company, have a great company culture, awesome team players, and their office is one big playground. We'll take your classroom right to their office -- without even having to get on a bus! Don't miss the out on this one!!

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Intro to Python Programming

Want your students to learn more about Python programming and how to use it for projects? Rohit will introduce your classroom to Python as a first programming language, explain where it fits in the software development world, and show some great examples. Open up a world of programming in your class and join this session before it fills up!

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Coding with Kids

How do you get your students interested in code? By having them code with high schoolers! We're bringing SmartStart to your classroom with a coding tutorial taught by some amazing high school students passionate about inspiring younger students to pursue programming. Their session will be super fun bringing in Star Wars themes and video-games! Don't miss out!

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Dec. 7- Holiday store begins! All week in computer lab #2

Dec, 8- Sachse Chamber 11:30

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Dec. 11- Polar Express Day ( I can't wait to see what this means!!)