Are you ready for this?

About house

It`s two-storied detraced and modern house with all the conviniences. There are water supply, gas, electricity, cooling and heating.


There are hall, three bedrooms, bathroom and shower room, WC, living-room, kitchen and a closet room.


You can see that hall is full of light. It`s white with red and mint elements. There you can find radiator.

First bedroom

It`s a big room with big soft bed. There is a window, a carpet, cooling system, radiator and underfloor heating.

Second bedroom

As you can see this room must be for children. It`s not big, but it`s full of light, it has a radiator, underfloor heating, cooling and heating systems, it`s colorful and children will fall in love with it from first sight.

Third bedroom

There you can see radiator, cooling and heating, underfloor heating, too. There is a lot of wood and it is light. There is a fireplace, a big soft bed.


It`s dark, but looks gorgeous. There is underfloor heating, cold and hot water, of course, and heating system. You can see a bath and a mirror.

Shower room

There is a radiator, heating system and underfloor heating. There is a window, that`s why this room is light, too.


There is a radiator and underfloor heating. There is a big carpet, soft sofa. It`s full of light. You can sit opposite a fireplace and have a rest after hard day.


There is a gas, cooling and heating, water supply, etc. There is a big window, that looks onto a garden.

Closet room

There you can keep your clothes.