10 Tips to Surviving High School

by Byanca Sanchez

10. Remember what you do will haunt you forever.

You don't want to be apart of drama or rumors because sometimes those types of things can get you in trouble even if you didn't mean it. Almost every cause and effect have a consequence that are hard to get out of. These are the last four years you have in school that could change your whole future, so think before you act. You may not only get yourself in trouble but others as well in the same fault causing more drama and consequences that are unchangeable. You will also learn with this tip that, some who say they are your "friend" are really backstabbers waiting to see when you will fall off the cliff in the jungle.
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9. Ask for advice or questions, whether it is about homework or life lessons.

If you need help with classes or even life lessons, ask because it's better to learn it than to turn it in as a failure. If it is about life lessons or struggles you are having ask a staff member or even parents what to do because sometimes the answers don't come easy in life.You could ask a friend but who is to say that they will help or even keep it between you and them if it was personal. You cannot always keep every question bottled up, for when time comes you will end up bursting out in confusion. Also, it is not healthy for you to not understand a question and then you try to figure it out on your own with out any help or reference of some point to the answer. Don't till it is the last minute to ask for advice or questions because you don't want to regret anything in the end.

8. Don't make fun of people that are not in the same social ranks as you.

Bullying is not something you want to do, especially if that one person has connections to upperclassmen. If you don't have anything nice to say keep it yourself because that person your making fun has people who have their back when people like you come around. Not only that, you may never know, that person is a late bloomer and ten years after graduation you meet them and they are much more successful than you are. In other words, don't judge or laugh at other people because one day you may never know, they could just be the doctor operating on you for surgery or the lawyer of your case or even a model/actress. Be careful what you say or do to others because if you don't want it happening to you why would you do it to anyone else.

7. Do not get on Mr. Berry's bad side.

If anything, you want to avoid Mr. Berry's bad side because once you're on there it is hard to get off of the list. You do not need to test him, for one thing he watches your every move the one time you lie or even disrespect another teacher. Respect him like you would respect every teacher and your parents because he and everyone else deserve to have respectful recognition. He could chosen a different career just like everyone else but instead he chose to help the students of today and lead them in paths for a better future just like the teachers do. Mr. Berry may not teach a class but he does teach us all important lessons in life and its consequences that follow. All he and the other teachers want is to get in the right step even if that meas putting you on the bad side to keep you in step.
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6. Stay true to you.

Do be yourself because this could be the best time of your life if you stay true to who you are. Do the things that make you happy not what someone else makes you happy. You want to be an original not a copy in life. Not only that you are not miserable with high school, instead you are happy and enjoying YOUR activities YOU like. It is your high school journey and no one can tell you how to make the most of it. Now, don't take that sentence in the wrong way because you still have to follow the rules but the activities you do are your memories you look back at and remember the most.

5. Do not procrastinate till the last minute.

It is not funny nor in your best interest to wait till the last to finish an assignment. For the reason that your grade drops, makes you look like a fool, and your teacher will most likely put you on her bad side. You do not want to waste time because in the end it isn't healthy for you or your education. Instead, get your assignments done on time and keep up with all your grades because you can benefit in the future for time management, resumes, and other significant things.

4. Stay on the good side of the upperclassmen.

If there is one thing you don't want to have to deal with is being on the bad side of an upperclassman. Having them on your side will give you a benefit when high school hits you because sometimes they know how to deal with your problems and are willing to help you out. On the other hand, if they are on your bad side they will make your life miserable and you really don't want that to happen on your first year of the jungle.
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3. Have fun and get involed.

Get involved in fun activities and make the most of the beginning of the last four years you have before you have to go into the real world. Do not be afraid to get into clubs or activities just because you don't think you will be good enough. You do not want to look back and say, "Why didn't I try out or do that?" You be you and don't let anyone else put you down or tell you anything different. I can tell you one thing, we all started out as those fish lost in the sea, but we learned how to swim into the deep to find our true selves and be free. Whether it be sports, theater, band, UIL, FCCLA, ect. try to be part of something that will live in you forever.

2. Bad attitude doesn't get you anywhere, instead stay positive.

Do not be the "Debby Downer" in the group. If you do not like some club or activity don't stay in it because more than likely you are ruining it for the rest of the group. Keep a positive attitude because attitude is everything and it leads to a broad spectrum of possibilities. Plus, if you have a positive attitude you are more likely to spread it or make someones day. Have positive attitude towards everything you do because it boosts your self-confidence and gets you places in life.

1. Make your mark in school history and live the memories.

Think of this, it's four years later after you graduated and a teacher hears your name, then they remember something you did in a good way. Do NOT make your mark on history by bad memories because you really don't want to be known as the one who got sent to the office every day... The memories you make now should be memories you want to look back at it in 60 years and think, "I don't regret not doing or going to that." Again, do NOT take this in a bad way. Simply think that what you do now will live with you forever good or bad.
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  • This is high school, which means not everything will go the way you planned it to be and somethings weren't meant to happen.
  • You may start out with a lot of friends but by Senior year you will only have a few which is good because those are the people that suck with you till the end. Kudos to you and them!
  • This is the beginning of the last four years make the most of what you have and don't make regrettable mistakes because consequences haunt you forever.