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NOODLETOOLS : Now in our Google Apps Suite

As of December 1, 2015, all NoodleTools accounts must be accessed through our Fair Lawn Schools Google Apps for Education. This creates single sign-on access, eliminates the necessity of remembering multiple passwords, and logging into multiple pieces of software. Users will no longer be able to log in to NoodleTools through the regular login screen. All links on the library page have been updated to direct you to the Google sign in access page when logging into NoodleTools. When you are logged into Google Apps for Education you can access NoodleTools from your Apps Waffle in the upper right corner of your start page.

You Tube In & Out of Your Classroom

Creating an interactive lesson is essential for engaging students today. One way we can do this is by providing video clips for our students to watch as part of an assignment. However, more often than not our students are blocked from access to YouTube in school. Clip Converter is the solution to this problem. Copy and paste any YouTube URL into the converter and your will be able to convert to another format compatible in school (usually MP4.) You can then download the converted file and embed or link it on your assignment page in school wires. You can also store these files in your teacher share folder or a flash drive for use in your classroom when the internet goes down. Follow this link to start using Clip Converter today.

Keyboarding Success Requires More than Drills

The information below was culled from an article published in the Ask a Tech Teacher blog. I have cited the article at the bottom of this post for further investigation.

Take the four pronged approach to getting your students prepared for typing successfully. 1. Drills 2. Online games 3. Quizzes 4. Authentic use.

Drills - require students to use good posture and habits (finger placement encompassing the entire keyboard) reduces hunt and peck.

Games - allows for fun, competitive practice for students who love video games. This keeps drills from getting boring. Mix games in with other keyboarding routines.

Quizzes allow students to measure their success. Grade students on improvement, not how they compare to other students.

Authentic Use - require typing in classwork and homework.

Why strict adherence to drills doesn't work for the new generation of typists. There are a few reasons:

  • Kids are learning keyboarding at a younger age. Where I started training in high school, now I teach pre-keyboarding to students as young as kindergarten. Drills simply aren't the right approach for those younger brains.
  • Drills must be repeated over and over ad nauseum to work. Few schools have time to commit to that rigor and even fewer kids will voluntarily take time at home. As a result, the repetitive part of drill is no longer exercised.

Murray, Jacqui. "Keyboarding Success Requires More than Drills." Ask a Tech Teacher. Jacqui Murray, 20 Oct. 2015. Web. 3 Dec. 2015. <>.

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