Monday 6th

  • I will use SMORE and complete the design section (total time 60 minutes).
  • I will insert all my designs, explain them and evaluate them (30 min)
  • I will create my final design and justify (30 min)
  • The resources I will use will be, camera, pencil, paper and a word-processor.
  • For homework I will spend 1hr preparing a detailed PLAN and for this I will need the internet, a diary, a computer and

Tuesday 7th

  • For homework I will research on the internet for examples of DT workshops around the world and focus on layout (30 min) and focus on the contents (30min)(tools, tables, machines, benches, etc.) and this will help guide my own creation.

Wednesday 8th

  • I will measure and create the exterior (walls/ doorways/ windows).
  • I will also create my loading bay for the trucks to drop off materials and supplies.

  • Thursday 9th

    • I will download everthing that I will put inside the DT area.
    • I will place my sfety equipment down (eg emergency shower, eye wash, first aid station..)

    Friday 10th

    • I will place all of the things i downloaded like tables, benches, machines, tools, furniture.

    Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

    • Finish off everything I have not completed.
    • Review and add finishing touches.

    Tuesday 14th

    • Get my testers to evaluate and give me tips on my design.

    Wednesday 15th

    • List everything I need to change in order to make the design perfect.

    Thursday 16th

    • Add the suggestions that I received from my target audience.


    On friday 10th I fell a bit behind track so over the weekend I must finish off the rest of my design. I need to add all of my furniture and storages then I will be ready for my classmates to have a look at it and give suggestions. I found the moving of furniture hard and confusing because of the perspective so over the weekend I must figure that out as well so I can be able to finish my design to a good standard. On tuesday the 14th instead of getting my work marked I finished my plan, design, and investigation.