May 5, 2016

Irrigation System Check and Spring Water Schedule Settings

Jason Osterberger Designs is offering a Spring Irrigation System Check of $85.00 for up to 10 zones ($8 per additional zone)! We will begin checking systems the first two weeks of May.

Their service includes:

  • Check solenoid valves
  • Open water valves
  • Inspect for breaks or damage
  • Activate controller and set watering schedule
  • Test all valves in system
  • Inspect and adjust sprinkler heads for thorough water coverage
  • Check cleanliness of lines, heads, and nozzles

To take advantage of this offer call 972.304.8700 or email jason@jasonosterbergerdesigns.com

Repairs with a value under $125 will be done on-site.

For repairs that exceed a value of $125, an email proposal will be sent for your approval.