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The Boom Site is a youth led literary magazine featuring the poetry, prose and visual arts of students from the St. Croix Valley. This issue was designed and created by 8th grade editor-in-chief Abby Huenink. Submissions are from students in Mahtomedi Middle School, Stillwater Middle School, Oakland Middle School, Stillwater High School, St. Croix Preparatory, Roseville High School, Park High School, and homeschooled youth.
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Explore podcast through HUSH, HUSH Jr, and Who Knows What, create original films in our Script to Screen Class, exercise your funny bone in Vitamin C , be a star in a sit com through What a Hoot, and flex your imagination at the Boom Site Creative Writing Intensive! Then, share your original creative work at the StoryArk Festival held at the Phipps Center for the Arts. Find out more information by clicking HERE. Don't forget to sign up TODAY :)

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The Boom Site Literary Magazine is the St. Croix Valley's first youth led literary publication, and is published two times a year digitally and once a year as a printed anthology. We aim to offer a safe space for students to submit their prose, poetry and visual arts creative endeavors to be enjoyed by fellow peers and community members. All are encouraged to subscribe. Students in grades sixth through twelve: submit your original short stories, poems, short films, songs, lyrics, photographs, and art today.

We empower student voices and equip young artists to succeed

StoryArk provides a variety of creative programming for youth, allowing them to tell their story through their chosen medium - whether that be a novel, poetry, film, song, podcast or anything else they can dream up. Student initiated and student led, each project is imagined, designed, and developed by youth. Professional authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, musicians, producers, directors and actors share their expertise and experience, helping students gain new skills in their craft and empowering them to become their best creative selves.

StoryArk is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization that seeks to serve the greater good.

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StoryArk is a 501(c)3 organization