Where Great Teaching Begins

Chapter 9 Learning Activities

How do you go about designing your class lessons?

How do you learn best? Do you like to work with a partner and discuss the process from beginning to end, or cut it into small chunks and do it a little at a time? Are you creative and love to publish your work, or more analytical and need order to get to the end product? Do you like to work by yourself in a quiet place or with background sound to help you focus? As a lesson designer you too must know how your students learn best, and use a variety of these ways to engage them in their learning activities. To determine the learning activity you must first determine what it is the student must come away knowing. A deep level of understanding the depth of the objective will guide the focus of your learning activity. The final product must be able to assess the level of the bloom verb in the TEK. Review pages 156-175 in your book to begin creating engaging, interesting, and appropriate lessons for your class.

Madeline Hunter Lesson Cycle

*Hook the learner into the lesson - anticipatory set

*State & post your objective or purpose of the lesson

*Present the new content in a meaningful way

*Model the new learning to students

*Check for understanding

*Guided practice of the new skill with teacher guidance

*Independent practice students have the opportunity to practice on their own, at this time you are monitoring to see who may need a short CR time at your table after the lesson, while the others continue on with the independent practice

*Closure or final check for understanding, review the less and pose questions to the class that have them tell or show you what they learned today