Week 2 review

AB AKA ALL BAD vs. Dollar&aTeam (97.04 - 71.52)

ALL BAD for Dollar&aTeam when finding out RGIII had left the game with another likely season ending injury. First week it was Dollar&aTeams TE Jordan Reed, week two its RGII, Week 3 ??? stay strong Garçon. Couple bad placement calls is what led to AB AKA ALL BADS victory which puts him at the top of the list for the #1 in standings. But it wasn't Dollar&aTeams mistakes that put ALLBAD on the top, its his stacked Roster and luck of avoiding injury to your key players. you haven't experienced it yet but when your stars become unavailable Fantasy will gets very frustrating. so enjoy the #1 stop while you can, it can get AB AKA ALL BAD.

HydeNseekDaEndzone vs. WeedNeed$$$ (114.94 - 110.96)

3.98 points separated a winner from a loser in this weeks matchup. if WeedNeed$$$ played anybody else in this league beside HydeNseek and Estebuenos teams he would have had a reason to smile on tuesday. not just the loss of week 2 but another lingering issue is WeedNeed$$$ #1 pick overall is out and no signs of returning (TISK TISK). HydNseeks team doesn't look intimidating but had an explosive week. scoring the most in week 2 and standing strong with a 2-0 start making this manager a risky matchup opponent. the weak link here is the WR Core, other than that expect big numbers from the rest of the team.

The Squaaad vs. CuartoNuevers (97.44 - 60.08)

A late victory for The Squaad which put CuatroNuevers biting his nails watching his record worsen as sproles kept breaking free for yards and touchdowns. Sharp start for The Squaad and no signs of slowing down makes this opponent a definant contender for the top spot, Cuatro didn't stand a chance! it was surprising seeing a team with Drew Brees, Marshawn Lynch, and Vernon Davis get the lowest scoring points in week 2. a lot of that had to due with an injury and bad matchups. don't expect this to reoccur, these star players have a reason to be great after a poor performance. it looks like whoever CuatroNuevers next matchup is will feel the wrath of Brees and Marshawns inner BEAST, who both are at home next week. So hope is vibrant for the 49ers future.

The Estebuenos vs. Suckamydicka (114.38 - 62.26)

I hope Ray Rice didn't beat his wife as bad as Estebuenos beat Suckamydicka week 2 because it was brutal! Suckamydickas performers just couldn't perform at all, snoop dogg performed better than these players. the highlight player for suckamydicka was his kicker who scored the most points on his team this past week. what makes things even more embarrassing is Estebuenos Kicker out scored all Suckamydickas players by more than 5 points. an Ugly week is what it looked like, something a lot of our league managers experienced so just gotta hope for better weeks ahead. You have seen your worse Suckamydicka remember this number (62.26) because you will never get that or lower than that score again. ESTEBUENO SLOW DOWN! Your Scaring My Friends

Snow vs. Everything HandsBud (92.92 - 85.88)

Whats there to say? it was a close match. Hope going into Monday Night for HandsBud praying Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne would rekindle there chemistry they had a year ago. started looking great but like most of this weeks games the 2nd Half was dominated by the team down. HandsBuds Eagles took over and didn't let Luck get any chances to make big plays. Snow was feeling extra nice after being the first one to defeat the defending champ this year. HandsBUD not so happy about it so knowing him he will dig in the books and find a way to rebuddle this loss and turn next week into a win. watch out for both these Teams they are both big threats with players capable of Big Plays.