Canvas Learning Opportunities

Second Semester, '15-'16 School Year

Interested in Canvas, but not sure where to begin?

Take advantage of some of the introductory online courses that were created for the Summer Institute and that have been modified to be entirely self-paced and open-enrollment. (No CPE credit is available for exploring these courses).

Canvas 101 -

This course is the best starting point for any teacher new to Canvas. It not only gives an overview of all basic tools and functions, but also walks users through setting up their user profile and settings.

Building a Lesson -

This course provides a model blended lesson and resources to inform a teacher or designer about the basic steps required to build a lesson in a Canvas course.

Communication Tools -

Canvas hosts a powerful and comprehensive suite of communication tools. This course provides an overview of those tools and prompts enrollees to evaluate the quality of those tools for providing quality feedback to student learners.

Using Google Apps in Canvas -

The course that provides the information needed to leverage the best of Google Apps with Canvas. Want to be truly paperless? This is the (slightly advanced) course for you!

Canvas Mobile Apps -

Canvas provides multiple mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. This self-paced course provides information to AISD staff members who might be interested in the use of one or more of these mobile apps.

Prefer a fully online, but moderated, learning experience?

The Canvas Challenge is a multi-week course in which participants build a lesson in their own Canvas course shell. Completion of this course earns participants 4 hours* of CPE credit in Eduphoria. More information can be found here.

*Time calculated for a participant with average tech proficiency (for some participants, it may take more or less than 4 hours to complete the coursework). Partial credit will not be awarded.

Enrollment for each cohort is capped at 30 participants. The course will take place once each six weeks and you can sign up for your preferred cohort below (make sure you are logged into your AISD Google account):

Canvas Challenge - 4th Six Weeks

Canvas Challenge - 5th Six Weeks

Canvas Challenge - 6th Six Weeks

Feedback from previous Challenge participants:

  • "I appreciate a quality instructional experience that really helped me to learn the system and provide a new method of instruction for my students."
  • "I really liked being able to complete the assignments on my own time, from the comfort of home. I would love to participate in more courses like this."
  • "I enjoyed doing the training online this way. I got to play around and was able to process things."

Are you experienced?

Interested in a personalized and competency-based professional learning experience to develop sophisticated blended learning and Canvas skills?

The Canvas 201 course currently under development will be available next semester to a small, pilot cohort of AISD teachers. More information here.

To sign up for the cohort, please click here. More information will be provided in coming weeks.

Prefer a face-to-face introduction to Canvas?

Please ask your campus' technology liaison about their intentions to offer a blended, Canvas 101 training at your campus.

Sometimes, face-to-face support is most helpful . . .

2nd Semester Drop-in Canvas Support:

Always at the PDC, (almost) always from 3:30-6:00, always focused on the support you want . . .

No sign-up necessary, arrive anytime before 5:00 pm. Come-and-go. Not for CPE credit.

- Monday, January 4 (ALL DAY Drop-in Canvas Support, 8:00 - 4:30)

- Tuesday, January 5

- Tuesday, January 12

- Tuesday, February 2

- Tuesday, March 1

- Tuesday, April 5

- Tuesday, May 3

CanvasLIVE Webinars

Instructure offers a variety of webinars spanning many different topics throughout the school year. You can learn more information here:

Did you know that ESC Region 11 has adopted Canvas?

Stay up to date on Region 11's Canvas-related professional learning opportunities by viewing the Digital Learning section of their workshop calendar here:

Canvas Tour for Campus Administrators

This open-enrollment and unmoderated course provides campus principals and administrators with information related to their administrative rights at their sub-account (campus) level. In addition, it provides suggestions for how administrators might begin to use Canvas on their campuses.

Canvas Tour for Campus Admins -

Coming in June 2016 . . .

Big image

. . . the new Canvas User-Interface (UI)!