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Did you start 2015 on the right foot or left foot ?

January is always a crazy mind game for me. I'm constantly evaluating and looking at what I am doing, what are my goals, what do I want, and am I my doing the right things? This January is no different I sat down and wrote out my goals in December, than put together with a game plan and focused on what I wanted my life to look like in 2015. I'm not big into New Year's resolutions, but I am big into dreaming and understanding that we all have the ability to determine our attitude and focus. This year My goals have included to reach beyond my comfort zone to connect with people who need encouragement, and let people know that someone believes in them. I want to help the people I love to believe in their Dreams and know that they deserve happiness! I believe it is never too late to start out on the right foot. So if you started off January with the blank sheet of paper, and it still blank… I would love to help you set your goals and find your dreams… Because I believe there's a dreamer in all of us. So if you started off 2015 on your left foot… And you'd like to switch to the right but don't know where to start...let me know ...I'm excited to help you with goals and dreams. Blessings!

Elizabeth Curran Houlihan

Welcome to my adventure! I would love to share in yours as you share in mine. Love Life and Laugh Often! Be blessed Elizabeth

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Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 9:30pm

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