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The remote control

Who invented the remote control?

The remote control was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1898.

What is the remote control?

The remote control is a device that sends IR signals or radio waves to operate an electronic remotely.

Who made the TV remote?

The Remote Control: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

Why is the remote control important?

The remote control is important because it allows people to remotely operate an electronic that might not be in their reach or it could save you the trouble of having to actually get to the electronic. For example During WW2 the Germans created the Wasserfall missile. Which would allow military to fight wars without having to risk the lives of soldiers.

Who would the remote control benefit?

It would benefit you the most when you were unable to get up to change the channel, may be due to injury. It would be handy when you are feeling lazy and don't want to get up to change the tv channel.

Where can you take the remote control?

You can take the remote control anywhere like to operate a boat like Nikola Tesla demonstrated in

Marilyn Monroe uses the remote so why not you?

Marilyn Monroe states "This may be the best innovation I have ever seen. She also states "It makes my life so much easier when I'm trying to relax and don't have to move a muscle because my TV remote can change the chanel from where I sit. WOW!

Albert Einstein is wowed by this amazing invention.

Albert Einstein says "Over all my years of inventing I never thought of something so simple but amazing."


I learned that the first use for the remote control was to operate a toy boat. The remote is a device that can operate electronics remotely. The remote control working sending IR signals or radio waves to the electronic that tells the electronic what to do.

Back in the 1900's the remote was used manly for TVs, RC vehicles and rockets. It allowed country like Germany to fire rockets using remotes. The effect remotes have on us today is huge. We use remotes for video games, heating and cooling systems, cars keys, drones, etc...

I used the testimonial and repetition techniques. I chose to use the repetition technique because I wanted to get the name of my product drilled/stuck in the consumers head. I used the testimonial technique because, for example I used Albert Einstein often regarded to as one of the greatest inventors ever. If a great inventor says that an invention is amazing or great then it will make people think the product Albert is talking is a good product.