Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

January 11-15, 2016

Our Class

Language Arts

For Language Arts we got assigned a Planet Expository Essay. For the essay we have to include, seven paragraphs. You have to do two paragraphs about your planet's physical characteristics (composition & structure and atmosphere). Then you have to do one paragraph for climate, one paragraph about the planet's moons, and finally three paragraphs about the history of research & exploration. In our essays, we are also including heading and sub-headings for each sections along with pictures and captions. Ethan F. chose Mars, Maya chose Jupiter, and Abby chose Saturn, and I am doing Neptune.

By Ethan H.


In Science this week, we talked about space. First, we talked about how stars are grouped into galaxies and constellations. We each got to pick a constellation to learn more about. Then, we talked about the planets' size and how different they are. We did a diagram with play-dough of how big the planets are. We also did a diagram of our solar system, in centimeters to show how far away the different planets are from the sun. The week was very educational in science. This week was so fun!

By Tu & Jaina

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week we did a lot! On Tuesday, we talked about French and Dutch settlements in the Americas. On Thursday we did Age of Sail practice and we talked about the Pilgrims and Puritans. , and made advertisements for colonies. In Age of Sail practice this week we did "Taboo" to practice the vocabulary words we will use on the Balclutha, and we practiced our sea chanteys. On Tuesday, we compared and contrasted the different approaches to colonization used by the English, French, and Spanish. On Thursday we made a t-chart to compare the Pilgrims and Puritans. After we read part of the Mayflower Compact and analyzed what they were saying in it. Finally, we got to pick a colony (New Amsterdam, Quebec, Jamestown, Plymouth, Boston) to persuade people to come and settle in! We had fun in Social Studies this week. Carry on!

By Amanda

Design Thinking

Last week in Design Thinking we talked about pros and cons of our ideas to prevent obesity. We used post-its to diagram the pros and cons. We also chose our favorite ideas to prevent obesity. For example, an idea is to go to a restaurant and persuade them to make healthier choices like changing white rice to brown rice. There were cons about all of our ideas though, for example, people might not enjoy healthier choices and won't come back to the restaurant. Design thinking was hard last week, but interesting.

By Ethan F & Morgan


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week in Art, we continued working on our silhouette project Ms. Martucci assigned us last week. We had to chose one of the pictures she laid out. Some of the pictures were Chewbacca, a mocking jay, and a tiger. Then, we had to chose if we were going to use carbon paper or not. Most of the students chose to use carbon paper because it is more fun and complicated. After that, we had to color the back of our paper. Finally, we stacked the papers on top of each other and we traced the pictures. When she assigned us the project, we thought it wouldn't work. Though, when we were all finished with the project, it turned out pretty good. Towards the end of class, we all put our artwork on the board and we silently looked at our peers' artwork without commenting them. Overall, this was a pretty fun project and we are hoping we could have projects like this throughout the rest of the year.

By Rod & Rand

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music, we practiced our songs for the concert that will be coming up soon. Our songs are patriotic because we are learning about United States history this year. Our favorite songs are Tour the States and the national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. We have worked really hard and all that hard work has definitely paid off! We really like all the songs that we'll be singing. We can't wait to show what we have learned to you guys, the parents! We have made a lot of progress in the beginning. To sum it all up, we had a lot of fun during Music this week!!!

By Abby & Katie

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

This week in PE we starting making games. The teachers said that if the game we made was the best we would have a chance to play them during class. It was a race because there were these awesome prizes that were up for grabs. First thing that we had to do was to find groups with three to five group members. Once we found the groups we got a piece of paper that we could describe our game on. The first day we just grabbed items and planned out how the game would lay out. If we had time that day we could even try out our game. The next day that we had PE we had to fill out the paper and make either a Keynote presentation or a video that described our game. Next Tuesday, our games are going to get judged and Mrs. Reuter is going to be one of our judges!

By Diane & Greta

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

On Tuesday during FIERCE, we had a lot of fun! Everyone in class started a story. It was either a real, fantasy, or funny story. Every three minutes, you would pass your story to the right, and receive someone else's paper. We read what their story was so far, and then added on. Maya's story started out with someone showing a shadow student, Ella around the school to fighting ninjas and Rod, Fetty (rapper), Monty (also rapper), and Tedla all rapping and singing in the story. We are excited for next week when we get to read more of the stories aloud!

By Maya & Matt

Spanish with Señorita Webb

Spanish this week was fun! We created the lyrics to our Spanish songs. The songs had to include all the pronouns, (yo is I, tu is you, etc.) and "who is there" three times. For the songs, we could also use "Garage Band," an app on our iPad. That was all we really did, but we will continue to work on it for a couple more weeks. The lyrics were due on Wednesday, but the actual video isn't due until Monday, January 25th. We will be working on the video and filming the video. Next week will be fun-filled!

By Nick & Tedla

Coming Up Next

Next week in Language Arts, the students will be beginning their selected non-fiction books for their next round of literature circles. We will also be reviewing strategies for reading non-fiction texts. In Writer's Workshop, the students will be continuing their planet expository essays. This week the students finished the research for their essays, so that next week they can focus solely on writing. In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about the European colonization of the east coast. On Tuesday, the students will take an open notebook quiz on Chapter 5. Then on Thursday, the students we will begin looking more in depth at the original thirteen colonies. We will be starting an in-class colony project, where the students will work in groups to create a website highlighting their selected colony. In Science, we will continue to look at space. First, the students will look at how Earth's rotations and revolutions affect our seasons, and length of days and years. Then the students will apply that knowledge to other planets in our solar system.

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

This week the students practiced their vocabulary for Age of Sail. Take on the role of ship's captain and try having your child follow orders and respond appropriately. For example, a command might be "Make your bed, carry on" and the response would be "Aye, aye sir." You can also have your child practice 24-hour time and bell time.

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