what makes the platypus a unique and interesting mammal

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"Platypuses live in only one, small area of the world. These creatures make their homes in the freshwater areas that flow throughout the island of Tasmania and the eastern and southeastern coast of Australia. While they are in the water a lot, they will also waddle onto the riverbanks to dig burrows with their claws. These burrows are tunnels that have rooms or chambers. Platypuses also live under rock ledges, roots or debris.

Though they exist on only one side of one continent, platypuses weather many climate extremes. They have been found in plateaus, lowlands, tropical rainforests, and the cold mountains of Tasmania and the Australian Alps. Their waterproof, thick fur keeps platypuses warm in chilly temperatures, and their big tails store extra fat for energy.

Platypuses usually spend their time hunting for food, and a hunt can last 10 to 12 hours. They are most active during nighttime and dusk, because they are nocturnal. This means they sleep during the day. When not hunting, they stay in their burrows."

platypuses are very unique animals they live in small parts of the world. Such as Tasmania in the south and east part of Australia.The platypus lives usually on the rivers banks but they don't always swim in the water and they don't live in the water either they are kind of both they sometimes are on the outside of the water and sometimes they are swimming. Most of the time Platypuses are in the colder parts of Tasmania the only way to stay in places like in the mountains of Tasmania is there thick fur which keeps them warm. Whenever platypuses look for food its usually at night time because they are nocturnal this process usually takes 10 to 12 hours for them to hunt their food

("Platypus Facts").

Commentary #1

I think it is amazing how they can be in water and on land and they basically means that they have two habitats.and how they can be in colder climates because there thick fur protects them.
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Other facts

"Platypuses swim with their front feet and steer with their tails and back feet. They have waterproof fur, skin that covers their ears and eyes, and noses that seal shut to protect the animals while they are underwater. Though platypuses are made for the water, they can't stay completely submerged. They can only stay underwater for 30 to 140 seconds.

Platypus' skeletons resemble those of reptiles. They both have pectoral girdles and splayed legs.

These short creatures are much better at moving through water than across land. They use 30 percent more energy walking across land than swimming through the water, according to the Australian Museum of History."

Platypuses swim a certain way that is different from many animals they swim with there front feet and steer with there back, they also have fur that helps them in the cold and there fur is also waterproof.even though it seems like the platypus can swim doesn't mean they can be completely submerged into the water they can only stay underwater from 30 to 140 seconds.even though they can not swim underwater for to long they are faster in water than on land most of the time they use 30 percent more of there energy just to walk across land.("Platypus Facts").

Commentary #2

I think its interesting how platypuses have Bills and can swim faster then walking but there mammals and they lay eggs it just doesn't make sense its like somebody combined two animals into one. I don't blame the people that thought platypuses where a myth I even thought it was a myth,and the weirdest part is they have poison that can hurt a person and even kill a animal
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