Heisler's Herald

December 14th, 2015

DARE Celebration Lunch

To celebrate the completion of the D.A.R.E. program, our P.T.A. is providing free lunch for all 5th grade students on the December 16th! The cafeteria will be serving Big Daddy Cheese Pizza, along with milk, fruit/vegetables (Type “A” lunch) and a cookie. Students can choose the Big Daddy Pizza entree, or any of the usual alternate choices as an entree. If students want doubles or ala carte, they will be charged for those choices. Our D.A.R.E. Officer will be joining the students for lunch! The lunch schedule will not change. Thank you, P.T.A.!!

News for you!

Winter Party- Our winter party will be on December 18th from 1:50--3:00

Important Dates

Dates to Remember

Please check Haiku for other important information

December 16th- Unit 5 Math Boxes due

December 17th- Unit 5 Math Test; Winter Party (1:50-3:00)

December 21st-January 3rd- NO SCHOOL Winter Break

Library "Instagram" Board

ake a "selfie" with your favorite book and bring in a 4x6 copy of the picture to the LRC in the month of December.

We will post the pictures on the LRC Bulletin board after winter break as part of our "Instagram" display.

If you bring in a picture with a book you will get a scratch n sniff Holiday book mark from your favorite librarians!

Toys for Tots!

As you’re shopping for the holidays, consider buying an extra toy and place it in the Toys for Tots box in the Conley office. Extend this opportunity of kindness to your families!

Show off your Skills!!

Check out the flyer below to learn all about the D158 Mini Musical Camp being offered to our students. The Musical is called "Snow Day!"

Click here to read all the details about the musical!

School Store

Our School Store is open every Tuesday and the students really enjoy finding and purchasing fun treasures and school supplies. If you are looking for a Christmas idea you can purchase a School Store gift certificate for your child. Click on the link below for more details.

Click here to learn how to purchase a School Store gift certificate.


Yearbooks can be ordered ONLINE ONLY @ YBPay.lifetouch.comwith the Yearbook ID Code : 10091016

Yearbooks are $15 again this year and will be on sale at least through January.

Girls on the Run

Would you be interested in helping to build the confidence of the young girls at Conley and have fun doing this? If so, you need to consider becoming a coach for Girls on the Run. Being a coach is easy, rewarding, and you don't have to run! Check out the website to learn more information about this great program!


Young Author

Does your child like to write stories? If so, they might be interested in the Young Authors Contest here at Conley. Here are a couple of the important dates and details.

  • The due date will be February 26th!
  • A drop off box will be in the office after winter break.
  • Books should be labeled with names, teacher, and grade before turning in.

Click here to read more about the Young Authors Program.


This week we are reading the story The Fabulous Perpetual Motion Machine.

Big Question of the Week ~ Why do inventors inspire our imagination?

Reading Skill ~ Sequence

Reading Strategy ~ Summarize

Grammar Focus~Present, Past, and Future Tenses

Word Analysis~ Shades of Meaning

Literary Term~ Foreshadowing

Vocabulary Focus~Multiple-Meaning Words

Speling Focus~Words with the Schwa sound

*Weekly test and Spelling test will be on Friday.


We will finish up Unit 5 this week. Math boxes for this unit will be due on December 16th, and the test will be on the 17th due to our Winter Party on the 18th. We will start Unit 6 when we return from break

Social Studies

We are researching events such as The French and Indian War, The Sons of Liberty, Taxation without Representation, Boston Tea Party, and the Boston Massacre. These events were significant to the American Revolution and aid in the understanding of the war.


December Birthdays

Amanda O. 12/27

Taylor 12/30