Death of Marilyn Monroe

Glenn Breaud


On August 5, 1962, movie star Marilyn Monroe was found dead inside her home in Los Angeles. Marilyn was found dead, naked on the bed with a telephone in her hand. She was found with bottles of pills to treat her depression. They came up with an autopsy of her overdosed of sedative drugs. Some say she committed suicide.

Media Perspective #1

Conspiracy says that the Kennedys murdered Monroe and if not they had a hand in the death of her. They say that the murder could have been conducted by giver her a lethal injection. Traces of pills were not found in her stomach during the autopsy and they couldn't find a cup for her to drink. They also said that the mafia had a part in it. They either wanted to make the Kennedys look like they did it or the mafia murdered Monroe for them.

Media Perspective #2

Some people beleive she committed suicide. They say that she was depressed for several weeks. They are not sure if suicide was the case but it is a very good chance of that being the cause. She has had a rough life with her mental mother and has been through several foster homes growing up.

Media Bias

As of today the media says that the most possible way of her death was from Bobby Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy ordered her out to get murdered by lethal injection when the family was having sexual relations with Marilyn Monroe. They say that they hired the mafia to kill her.

Criticism #1

Everyone beleives that she did not kill herself that she was smuggled pills or forced to take her pills. Yes, she wasn't the happiest person at times but If your that rich you probably wouldn't committ suicide kids,

Criticism #2

Some people also say that the Kennedys had nothing to do with the death of her. A bookwriter came and interviewed her and shortly after he left he let 5 mafia hitmen in the house. The mafia covered her face in a towel and shortly after that she was murdered.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe