Eagle Nest Outfitters

By: Mason Lonborg


The company was formed in 1999 by Peter and Paul Pinholster, brothers from Key West FL. Inspired by a trip to Central America and discovering a Costa Rican and New Zealand model, the brothers were determined to develop a product that spoke to customer's "weary souls," challenging the pair creatively while also allowing them to pursue a laid-back lifestyle. In the Summer of 1999, they had engineered their first prototype and set out on the road, hitting festivals and arts-and-crafts-shows on the East Coast and selling their hammocks out the back of their van. Garnering reasonable success, the duo made their first attempt at establishing headquarters in Virginia, before a fire destroyed their home, office and hammock inventory in 2003. However, rather than accepting defeat, they took a friend's advice and re-grouped in Asheville, NC, a city they have not left since.


The ENO product is the most reliable for its price. It is centered around an affordable product that will last you in the field, and wherever you are using it. Most competition does not have near as many accessories or attachments, and are over priced. You can spend more for a camping hammock, or a hammock for specific needs, but if you want an all around above average product, the ENO is the way to go.


(Base model no accessories)

  • Climate adaptive material for cold, or hot climates

  • Straps that can hold 400 lbs of weight each

  • Adjustable loops for different tree distances

  • Aluminum Wiregate carabiners

  • Heavy duty triple stitched seams

  • Breathable, quick drying nylon

  • Attached compression stuff sack

  • Easy transportable design

(With Accessories)

  • Repair Kit for potential holes, or fraying

  • Bug Net

  • Underbelly gear sling

  • ENO pillow

  • Talon Ridgeline

  • Tarp Stakes

  • Drip Strips

  • Hammock Insulation

  • Bags, and cases


Comfortable lying surface to enjoy the outdoors, and have an excuse to get outside and relax. A way to admire nature, with a place to read, write, draw, take pictures, relax, sing etc...


  • REI

  • Dicks Sporting Goods

  • Whole Earth

  • Any one hit wonder outdoor market


  • Amazon.com

  • Ebay.com

  • Eaglenestoutfitters.com


  • Magazine ads

  • Wall ads

  • online cite ads

  • In store wall ads



  • The Hammocking Company

    • Hammocks range from $60-300 depending on the style

    • Most of these hammocks are patio hammocks not meant to be moved

  • Elevate Hammock Company

    • One hammock model $55

    • Same specs as the ENO just less options and no accessories

    • For every purchase 2 trees are planted

  • Trek Light Gear

    • Single Hammock- $69.95, Double- 79.95, Rope and Carabiner bundle- $32.95

    • Accessories: Bug net, Stand, Pathing kit

  • Lawson Hammock

    • A camping style hammock made to insulate, and protect from bugs

    • Price $169.99, $24.99 for “treehuggers” (straps)

  • Hennessy Hammock

    • Prices: $99.95-330.95

    • Many Hammock options suited for camping needs

    • Many strap options with different length dimensions

    • This hammock is every campers need with insulation and other camping utensils


Services provided:

• Asheville Earth Day

• Adirondack Mountain Club

• American Whitewater

• Make A Wish Foundation

• The Currahee Cleanup Project

• Clean Vibes Trading Post

• Savannah Climbing Coop

• American Fisheries Society

• NC Organic Growers School

• UNCG Outdoor Adventures

• Save The Boundary Waters

• Carolina Thread Trail

They give $10 from every sale directly to the respective organizations, helping them preserve and protect the land we love so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Future Of The Product

ENO is a product leader with versatility, and affordability. ENO is the best selling hammock, and beats the competition through accessories, and price. Price is huge for teenagers, and ENO is a lot cheaper than any camping, or patio hammocks you can buy. The ENO’s versatility allows you to move the hammock anywhere the straps can wrap!


-Potential national park sites, and maps. A book with all potential regions that you can hammock in as a follow up to the customer.

-Could team with Nalgene to co-sell products, because who doesn't want a quality water canteen to enjoy while you relax!

Future of the product:

The product could only improve with innovative technology, the product is the elite of its class.

The future of the company is to continue to expand, and grow the community through programs that they have partnered with to help.


Self Reflection: I chose the ENO product, because I use my ENO all of the time. It is one of my favorite hobbies, and allows me to enjoy the life I've been given. I get to enjoy nature, and discover new places I haven't seen before. Its allows me to have a home away from home, and I am 100% loyal to this brand. They are affordable, durable hammocks that I would recommend to anyone.

I loved this product, because it allowed us to notice schemes in marketing with a product that interests us. It also helped us learn the 4 p’s of marketing in an intriguing way.


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