Salvador Dalí

Spanish surrealist painter, film artist, and novelist

Major Accomplishments:

  • "The Persistence of Memory" Oil Painting made in 1931
  • Famous for his use of Surrealist painting techniques, which was a way to release an artist's creative potential for the unconscious mind.
  • Hidden Faces – a novel made in 1944 about Hitler and World War II
  • Un Chein Andalou – 17-minute silent artistic film made in 1929
  • His creation of "Critical Paranoia", which is an art theory that says to have a relative control to reason but have it suspended, making the art piece no where near the real world.

Life in Paris

  • Was expelled from his college in 1926 so he decided to go to Paris.
  • Went on his first visit to Paris in 1926 and met Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.
  • Resulted in Picasso becoming very influenced by the progress in art that Dalí made during his trip.
  • Dalí learned about both classical and modern techniques and practiced them mainly during his trip.