Poor Chimp

In 1951 some cruel people let a monkey called Chimp off to space.There was one little girl who hated it because that monkey was her pet, "Oh poor Chimp", she whispered but then she yelled as loud as she could "CHIMP!" No one listened and the worst bit was Chimp was only 3 months old. The young girl Kathleen was crying.

50 YEARS LATER in 2001 Kathleen wasn't a little girl anymore she was old and very very sick. There was nothing left on Earth. Kathleen was lying on the rock hard ground, when Chimp was about to land his mini rocket. He automatically started singing "Wait there because Mama I'm coming home I'm coming home hang in there Mama because I'm coming home."

When Chimp landed all there was, was Kathleen lying on the ground. Chimp was so so so sad he spent his whole life in a mini rocket. Chimp just wanted to fall down and cry so he did. When he woke up Kathleen was 5 again and Chimp was 3 months old and everyone was nice and kind and it was just like everything he had wanted.

By Year 4

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