Kuaba Foundation

Group overview

Beginning Objectives

When our group first came together to help this organization, we had a few goals:

1. Raise Awareness

2. Raise money

3. Support the cause the best we could

Group failures

When starting to plan and figure put what we wanted to do, we decided to make bracelets and sell them to raise money for our foundation. But unfortunately we ended up not doing it because each bracelete took a long time to make and our efforts would not amount to enough money to make a difference.

Group Success

We were able to set up jars in various places so that people could make donations towards our foundation. We were also able to spread awareness by creating a facebook page for the Kuaba Foundation. The most successful thing that our group did was hold a First Aid drive at school. This encouraged kids and faculty members to donate first aid items such as alcohol wipes, gloves, bandaids, etc.