Student Assessment Task

By: Sophie

How to explain the different observations of the sky in the day and night

Usually in the daytime the sky is a light blue colour with white clouds but if there's a storm coming the sky will be grey or black. The sky at night is filled with beautiful stars and the bright moon with the man on it shines as bright as a diamond.


People who live close to the North Pole see the Northern lights every 24hr darkness which are amazingly beautiful.

People who live closer to Antarctica see the Southern lights every 24hr which are as equally beautiful as the Northen lights, Tasmania manages to rarely see the Southern lights.

The pigment of the sky comes from magnetic light particles to make the sky blue or pinkish.

The clouds are created by water vapour evaporated into the sky to make clouds and when the cloud gets full it rains.

How the sun, earth, moon move in relation to each other

The earth and moon both orbit but the sun stays in place, nothing else. The earth circles the sun while the moon circles earth. The sun, earth and moon all move like that to create our days and nights.


If we don't have the moon we would struggle so much. How? The moon does control the gravitational force between the planets so earth won't move to different planets. The moon also plays a important roll for our waves, low and high tides. The moons gravitational force will create our perfect waves and our tides. That's how important the moon is.

The sun is equally important because the sun takes care of our light and growing food so the animals and we can eat them.

Information on the characteristics of space objects in the solar system

Everyday when we wake up we see the bright beaming sun. Every night when we go to sleep we see the beautiful stars and the bright moon. We rarely get to see Venus passing the sun but I recommend not to look at it even if you have the chance or it will definitely damage your eyes. The moon we see every night even if it's full, half or quarter moon. We even get to sometimes see the moon during the daytime. We also see the stars that shine as bright as a diamond at night. We see colourful stars at night, the could range from red to blue to white. This happens because of the gasses in the star.

The Moon circles the Earth while the Earth circles the Sun

Galileo said this claim was true and it's actually true. Even if you go into space for a little while this claim will actually be true. If there was no sun for Earth, Earth will be cold and dark just like Voldemort. If there was no Moon, Earth wouldn't be spinning on an axis. Our water would create a Tsunamis and we wouldn't have low and high tides. Our marine life will be gone because our marine life need moon light, that's how important the moon and sun is.