Amazon Rain forest

By: Kaiyah Chaney and cindy Lam


Producer/consumer: the producer is like a plant that goes through the process called photosynthesis which helps make its own food. The consumer eat/cosumes the producer

The predator/prey: The predator, an organism that consumes or eats prey. A prey is the food source of a predator.

Parasite/host: The host is where the parasites is located at, where the parasites benefits from the host by eating off of it or using it for something.

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A food web....

A food web is defined as a concept that all the predator-prey interactions in an ecological community are interrelated, and are sometimes drawn in a web-like image. A food web contains more than one food chain which only shows one predator/ prey relationship. For an example the golden lion tamarin consumes the boa constrictor which consumes the sloth which consumes the scavenger.

Human Impact:

1.} logging cuts down on sources for oxygen and harm the habitat animals are use to.

2.}surface fires can result to a loss of 54 billion tonnes of carbon from the amazon rainforest and increasing greenhouse gasses.

3.} Wildlife trafficking, most wildlife trade is legal which could lead to extinction caused humans

Abiotic{nonliving things}: Water, Sunlight, Soil, temperature, oxygen

Biotic{living things}: Animals- Jaguar, Sloth, Lizards, Plants- Mosses, Vines, Trees, Fungi