Plant Biome Adaptations

By: Brogan Purser & Natalie Ito


The two tundras that we have chosen for this assignment is the Taiga & the Tropical Rain Forest!


The main plant of the Taiga is the conifers (cone-bearing plants) and are evergreen. The climate of this tundra varies from cold winters and warm summers. Many trees are put in the evergreen category so they can photosynthesize when the temperature rises. Many plants or trees have protective layers, like wax coatings, to prevent evaporation. Another adaptation the plant/trees have are branches that droop downward to help excess snow to keep the brant from breaking. These adaptations are important because without them, they would not survive in this environment.
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Tropical Rain Forest

Topical Rain Forests are very hot and it rains a bunch. The plants located in the Tropical Rain Forest have it hard because sunlight is limited. Some plants take advantage of taller trees because they grow along side of the trees to reach and absorb sunlight. It is hard to survive because it is a constant competition between others. Although it is difficult to survive we need this Tropical Rain Forest because without it, oxygen would be critical. These plants are so important because they carry our precious oxygen and support great amounts of life.
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Other Biomes to think About