The Holidays are Here...

Top 10 Holiday Tips!!

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1. Be the best designer for your Hostess. Offer up small thank you gifts and incentives. This will ensure repeat business and possible bookings from her friends.

2. Pay Attention to the Shipping schedule from the Nest. Make sure there is plenty of time for orders to be shipped and received. Never overpromise a delivery date.

3. Put together an email for your customers that allows them to send you their “wish list”. This list can then be forwarded on to spouses or other family members. You might also want to consider having some pre-designed lockets of varying themes – Mom, Dance, Holiday – this will also make gift buying easier for spouses and family members.

4. Pre-decorate Take Out Boxes with sparkly ribbon and Holiday tags – this makes a gift that is truly ready for giving.

5. Have digital picture frames or iPads loaded with locket ideas or create a “look book” for your customers to browse through. Customers can become overwhelmed with choices so give them some ideas.

6. Stock, Stock, Stock – have lot of stock on hand – birthstones, alphabets, mom, grandma and family charm along with snowflakes, candy cane and the new peppermint candy for those holiday themed lockets.

7. Lockets and chains – have a nice variety of these items on hand. Having stock and lockets makes for an easy “make and take” gift.

8. Have a Square or PayAnywhere account for those last minute or on the go purchases.

9. Have plenty of order forms, TOMs, hostess folders and opportunity packets that are ready. Carry them with you wherever you go.

And last but not least:
10. Remember – you are never fully dressed without a locket and a smile!