BY:Mike Lupica

Michael a small boy with a big dream,play in the big laugues

Into the story!

Michae lives in New York city and his father and mother both passed away, his brother carlos watches him and tells the government that there father and mother are away on a trip. Carlos works two jobs to support both of them. He plays baseball on a team with some of his friends hes the pitcher and he throughs heat!Michael and carlos are waiting for michael to be reconized.

Featuring Michael as the protagonist.


Michaels mother and father pass away like with Thesus his father dies.

Michael goes on a quest to play the big leauges like Perseus and Theseus.

Michael stops a thief at the begging of the story like in Autologous.

Michael and his brother lie alot this is like Hermes how the myth loves liers.

Throwing heat!FIREBALL

Heat-By Mike Lupica (trailer)