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Week of: 12-3-18

New This Week

This Week's Lessons

This week's lesson schedule is linked below.

6th graders will be working on their solos and starting on their SmartMusic learning targets.

7th Graders will be working on their solos. Most should have played through their entire solo at least once.

Our Next Concert

Believe it or not, our winter band concert is this Thursday, December 6. This concert will be split up into a 6th grade and a 7th grade performance:

6th Graders: The 6th grade performance will begin at 6:30 PM. Students should arrive at Prairie View no later than 6:00 PM to warm-up and prepare for the concert. The performance will conclude at or before 7:00 PM.

7th Graders: The 7th grade performance will begin at 7:30 PM. Students should arrive at Prairie View no later than 7:00 PM to warm-up as a group.

All Students: Be sure to check that those black pants still fit! The concert will be webcast through Mr. Quaglieri's YouTube channel posted to www.spbb.org/pvms.

Last Call: 6th Grade Mentor Night Scheduling Requests

On Wednesday, January 9, all 6th grade students will participate in Prairie View's Mentor Night. During this event, students will prepare and perform a short solo for an expert clinician who specializes on their instrument. Students will receive a 10 minute time slot between 5:30 PM- 8:30 PM on the night of the 10th to perform their solo.

If you have scheduling requests (i.e. need to go at a specific time) please let me know by the end of the day on Monday. It will be easier to selectively schedule students right away rather than going back and trying to move things around after the schedule is published.

6th Grade Jazz Band Rhythm Section Workshops

6th Grade Jazz Band will begin after winter break, however, there will be two workshops for students interested in the rhythm section after school on Tuesday, December 11 and Friday, December 14. To play in the rhythm section, students must either be percussionists in 6th grade band or must have prior experience playing bass, piano, or guitar. Interested students should plan on attending at least one of these workshops.

All band students are invited to attend our first rehearsal on Friday, January 4. Jazz Band will meet on Tuesday and Friday after school and students may attend either rehearsal.

SPBB Fish Fry: Friday, January 18

In conjunction with the Knights of Columbus the Sun Prairie Band Boosters will be hosting our Third Annual Fish Fry at the Round Table in Sun Prairie on Friday, January 18. The first two years were a hit-we almost broke their serving record! More importantly, we raised over $3,000 towards supporting students in Sun Prairie Bands. We are looking forward to seeing you out again this year!

Save the Date-Epoch Sound Pep Band Night

"Epoch Sound" is our high school pep band and they have invited us to perform with them at a boys basketball game on Thursday, January 31. We hold a rehearsal, social, and pizza dinner after school on the 31st before taking busses to the High School.

While this event is not required, it will be a great time and a fantastic opportunity for students to use their musical skills to support the athletic program and to interact with some older musicians who were once in their shoes. More information will be coming soon.

Current Information from Previous Newsletters

WSMA Solo & Ensemble

Many 7th Grade students are already thinking ahead to the WSMA Solo/Ensemble Festival on February 9th at Patrick Marsh. Many students have also decided to perform in a small ensemble. So what does all this mean?

  • For the moment, 7th grade parents should talk to your child about their plans to play at the festival.
  • Check your family calendar, athletic calendars, etc. to figure out your child's availability for that day.
  • We do have the ability to schedule around other events.
  • Put the deadlines in this newsletter into your family calendar so you can stay on top of them.
  • Watch for the sign up sheet to come home this week. It will be due Dec. 12th.

We also encourage students to consider working with an accompanist for this performance. More details will be forthcoming.

We will need volunteers for this festival. The sign up sheet will have information about the volunteer calendar. It's fun to be around all the excitement of the day and meet some of your child's friends!

There is also a WSMA Piano Festival on Feb. 12th at the high school. If your child is studying piano with a teacher, that teacher will help your child pick and learn a solo from the WSMA music list. This festival follows the same deadlines as the Solo/Ensemble festival. You can write one check for all solo/ensemble events but please double check your math before send it to school with your child.

Amazon Smile

The holidays are approaching and registering your Amazon account with Amazon Smile is a quick and easy way to support band in Sun Prairie! Just click here to enter Sun Prairie High School Band Boosters, Inc. as your charity of choice and 0.5% of your orders will be donated to the Band Boosters. That's it! There is no door-to-door stops or meals to pay for.

Part of the Band Booster's mission is to raise funds to support the activities of the Sun Prairie Band Department. In the past, they have supported us with lesson academy administration and scholarships, visiting artists, summer music camp scholarships, and more!

Find Us Online!

The Sun Prairie Band Boosters have a FANTASTIC website that contains information about all things related to band in Sun Prairie. You can find the site by visiting www.spbb.org/pvms or by searching for “Sun Prairie Band Boosters.” Be sure to visit the Prairie View Bands page and the Prairie View Bands Blog throughout the year for updates, news, and resources. We also encourage you to check out the other schools’ pages to get an idea of just what band in Sun Prairie is all about.

This Week

Tuesday - 7th Grade Jazz Band Rehearsal (6:55-7:35 AM)

Wednesday - Lesson Academy (3:00-6:00 PM)

Thursday - 7th Grade Jazz Band Rehearsal (6:55-7:35 AM), Winter Band Concert

Upcoming Dates

December 6: Winter Band Concert at PVMS

December 7: 6th & 7th Grade Performance at PVMS Winter Assembly

December 11: 6th Grade Jazz Rhythm Section Workshop (2:50-4:00 PM)

December 12: WSMA Solo & Ensemble registration materials due

December 14: 6th Grade Jazz Rhythm Section Workshop (2:50-4:00 PM)

January 4: 6th Grade Jazz Begins

January 18: SPBB Fish Fry at the Round Table

January 31: Field trip to the Overture Center

January 31: Epoch Sound Pep Band Night


If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Matt Quaglieri

6th Grade Band, Jazz Band, and 6th and 7th Grade Lessons


520-0122 (Text Message)

834-7839 (Office)

Ann Sederquist

7th Grade Band, Jazz Band, and 6th and 7th Grade Lessons



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