Unhealthy Eating

Cause And Effects Of Fatty Foods

Cause And Effects Of Fast Foods

Sure we all like fast food. But unknown to us the consumers these company pack their food with high amount of fat, called transfat. In which are very harmful for adults and especially our kids.

Growing Fast Food Concerns

Like all fast food restarunts they advertise their food to be the best ever made and how good their workers prepare it fresh. But as they keep mass producing their food for the consmer's they don't care that their food has several major health issues to the people that constantly eat at their restarunt. But all these companies endures the fatty foods and comsumers don't care what it does to their body and won't stop just because it's good tasting.

Long Term Effects

As children are influenced by the fast food media to eat at their restarant they don't realize what they are putting into their bodies. Parents are to blame in this issues to as for they have the major saying in the matter in having healthier meals. But as kids keep it eating they put on harmful weight that can lead to daibetes, high cholersteral.