Ms. Williams' Class News

Week 5: September 19-23

What's Goin' On...

Monday: Substitute teacher - All Kindergarten teachers have professional development on campus and will not be in the classroom. Please remind your child of the sub if he/she does not handle changes very well.

Wednesday: Texas Roadhouse Night--present flyer at restaurant and a portion of proceeds will be donated to our school.

Thursday: Progress Reports will be sent home in folders. Progress reports will be very general because we have been focused on routines, procedures and behavior.

Friday: Wear purple shirt


We are busy counting objects forward and backward. Your child will learn about our counting goals this week and strive to reach them every day during stations. Based on some counting assessment results, your child will set his/her counting goals. Students will either be working on numbers 1-12, 1-21, 1-32 or numbers beyond 32. More info to come about goals...

Language Arts

Letters and Sounds: We are working on recognizing rhyming words and beginning sounds.

Concepts of Print: Continuing from previous weeks, students are working hard at pointing to each word as we read.

Reading Comprehension: Again, continuing from last week, students will understand that they can "read" the pictures and tell a story to go along with the pictures. We will also work on looking closely at the pictures in books to get information.

Writing: We will be writing a predictable book called "Foods I Like". At this point, we are just focusing on writing the beginning sound along with a quick sketch. These books remain at school and will be returned later in the year.

Sight Words: We will add the words "is" and "me" to our word wall. Your child must be able to read these words by the end of the 9 weeks. So far we have learned: a, like, the, we, can, I.


We will use our senses of sight and hearing this week. Can your child tell you the 5 senses?

Social Studies

We will beging a 3 week unit. In this unit, students will explore the concept of location, as well as maps and globes. It is important that students use the location words in their own talking, and not just listening to the teacher directions. We want them to be comfortable with using the words, themselves. This week we will focus on telling where things are using terms such as over, under, near, far, left, and right, to describe relative location;


Please let me know if you lost or want an extra homework sheet.
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