Bakery Owner

By Michaela Spilinek

Job Description:

Bakery owners typically take care of and manage everything that is needed to be done in their shops. The jobs they are in charge of are department inventory, in-stock position, pricing integrity, merchandising, labor, and other operational processes to company standards.

My Personal Interests and values:

I enjoy cooking and baking. My values would be a good work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication.

Education and Training

Bakery owners would need to have an Associates degree in the Pastry Arts or Culinary Arts and would need to have experience in the field of baking. Bakery owners would also most likely need a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

A great college to attend for the best culinary educational experience would be....

To gain a great culinary background I would attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. I chose this college because it is not only a culinary school but also well known for its business school aspects.
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On average a bakery owner could make as much as $18 an hour and successful bakery owners can earn up to $60,000 a year.
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Hidden Costs and negative effects of a Bakery Owner

There may be a few hidden costs and bad things by owning your own bakery such as, the stress of maintaining your employees and work equipment. Some costs that may appear are remodeling costs, equipment breakdowns, and employee dangers.
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Values are met...

Values: Some values of mine that would be met in this field would be the work ethic; I would expect the same thing out of my employees that I expect out of myself. I would have to express the value of attention to detail with the bake goods that would come out of my shop. And I would expect dedication from myself and those working at the bakery; even though the job would get tough I would want to remain dedicated to the task at hand.
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Where will I go? And what will the future hold for my career?

I would expect to work somewhere where food has a great appetite for food, which would be New York or some where international like Paris.

In the future: It is expected that employment of bakery owners will increase to 11,240 in 2022 which is a 12.85% increase from 2012

Employability Skills

I would be qualified for this job because.... I have a good work ethic, I am some what a perfectionist, I have worked in the food business before, and I have good leadership qualities.
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This would be an excellent example of a self- employed business. Bakeries are one of the most well known businesses that are self- owned and do very well in the economy; whether it be a desserts bakery or just a bread bakery.