Think Through Math is Good to Go!

Summer / Fall 2014-2015

Student and Teacher Uploads Complete

The district-wide student and teacher uploads have been completed for Think Through Math. However, when the new upload was done, Think Through Math changed passwords.

Here are the steps to recover your "new" Think Through Math passwords:

1. Go to:

2. Click "Login"

3. Click "Forgot Your Password?"

4. Enter your Aldine ISD e-mail address (ending in

5. Click "Send me password reset instructions"

This should generate an automatic e-mail from Think Through Math on resetting your password. If this DOES NOT WORK, please submit a request to have a new ID and password created on the Online Programs Work Order Request.

What's New for 2014-2015 in Think Through Math???

  • Think Through Math has been aligned to the new TEKS. Check out the new 2014-2015 TEKS alignment HERE.
  • There are tons of "Gap Buster" lessons to fill in holes left by TEKS being moved, as well as other new developments. To see what's new in 2014 for TTM, CLICK HERE.
  • Student points will be earned on lessons completed now, instead of lessons attempted. This will give students more motivation to get answers right instead of just clicking!
  • Think Through Math is now optimized for tablet use! The program is totally device agnostic - iPad or Android - TTM will work!

Aldine Online Learning Department

If you have any questions about Think Through Math, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kiesha Taylor - District Coordinator of Online Learning

Erin McPheters - Online Programs Coordinator