Oliver Heckman

Professional Development

1/15 PD and Embedded Coaching

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Possible Topics:

Transition from Google to O365

Open questions for Brandon

Web tool conversations

12/15 PD

Google Drive & Google Apps

Intro to Google Drive

  • How to get into Google Drive
  • How to create folders
  • How to upload a document

Intro to Google Docs

  • Create a document and share

Video Resources:

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Forms

Google Slides

Exploring Google Drive
Google Docs in Plain English

12/10 Agenda

Questions and Answers

  • How to download videos using Video Download Helper
  • Go to this link on Firefox!
  • Install the add on and go to your video...for a how to check the video below!

Video Download Helper

Visiting on 12/15 for PD and then Embedded Coaching until 12:00

Video Download Helper How Too!


10/28 Agenda

  • Review what we started last week


10/23 PD Day


Click her to take a quiz! Input quiz code on the screen!

Assessment Tool

Smart Board Tips and Tricks - By vote...

  • Using Google to find images in Smart Notebook
  • Hide and erase and the magic box
  • How to Jing and embed video
  • How to use Smart Exchange
  • Questions and answers

App Share

Questions and answers if there is time!

Re-Cap - 10/16

Hey Everyone,

It was great to meet everyone today! I hope you enjoyed the session. Below are the resources we shared based on questions. Please feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics!

Quiet Tube - Gets rid of adds, add it to your bookmarks!


Tube Chop - Select a section to watch of a video


Starfall - Phonics and reading site


Scheduled Dates:

10/23 - PD session

10/28 - Visiting all day!

Do Now - 10/16

  1. Go to www.smore.com/trr4r and download the Smart Board 201 file onto your computer.
  2. Click here to answer a few questions about how you use the Smart Board.



Brandon Lutz

Technology Applications Specialist

Bucks County Intermediate Unit


The Plan:

Support all teachers with the integration of technology to improve student achievement!

  • Through Professional Development
  • Embedded Coaching

Smart Board Integration:

Visit the how you are using your Smart Board parking lot.

Based on that information we will review the use of the Smart Board, via the shared notebook files.

Assessment Tools





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